Dogging Etiquette - Voyeurs

Etiquette For The Dogging Voyeurs

A voyeur is someone who enjoys watching other people having sex. They may also join in sometimes.

  • Cleanliness: Make sure you are clean and tidy before you go to a dogging location. A scruffy appearance or smelly body is a major turn off for most women. So if you want to be allowed to join in make sure you are clean and tidy. Even if you just want to stand and watch you should look presentable, or you could frighten the exhibitionists away.
  • Approach With Caution: Unless you have seen people signalling for people to join them, do not approach parked cars. You could be disturbing someone parked up innocently or a private tryst. You could also earn a thump for your peeping.
  • Patience: Don't rush up to cars as soon as they pull into the play area. Wait for the people to prepare themselves and to signal that they are ready to play.
  • Know The Signals:
    • A flash of the headlights means they are there to play and to be watched or possibly joined for sex.
    • A flash of the interior light, or the interior light left on means that they are ready to be watched. But still approach with caution, it could be someone who has lost their way and is checking a map.
    • If they roll the window down you have been invited to come closer. It may also mean that you are allowed to touch.
    • If you touch and your hand is not pushed away it means you may continue to touch.
    • If you touch and you are pushed away or if either of the players say "No" or "Stop" - Stop immediately. Any contact by you from this point would be sexual assault.
  • Respect:
    • Enjoy the show and let the people know you are enjoying the show, but do so politely and quietly so that you do not destroy the show. If you are not enjoying the action, quietly move along to another couple. Just because the action is not what you enjoy, does not mean that others are not enjoying it.
    • If a couple ask you to leave, do so without kicking up a fuss. They may be there for a private tryst or want someone older, younger, taller, shorter etc. Just move along to the next scene until you find a place where both you and the exhibitionists are happy.
    • Make sure that when you are watching you are not blocking the view of others.
    • Park tidily so that others can have easy access in and out of the car park.
    • When you arrive at a play area park up and then watch a few minutes to see what action is happening.
    • Clean Up! Don't leave any rubbish behind. Pick up any used condoms, tissues, wrappers or other rubbish.
    • When the show is over, thank the players, leave their area and let them clean up and leave in peace.
    • If you all got along well, offer them your email address, preferably have some business cards made up with your details so that people don't have to try and find pens and paper. (see a sample of our card below)
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