Dogging and The Law

Dogging and the Law

Public sex is an offence.

However, the police and other authorities usually leave doggers in peace - we do know policemen who join in dogging action when they find it. They will however act when they receive a complaint from the public.

Dogging somewhat of a legal grey area, and the laws regarding public sex, nudity, lewdness, and their enforcement, vary by jurisdiction. In the UK, there are laws against public sex but they mostly are concerned with protecting "unwilling witnesses" from seeing acts of public lewdness.

At the moment we are not sure how this would be applied to people dogging in front of willing witnesses.

We would suggest that if there is a complaint by a member of the public, you may be prosecuted.

To help reduce the risk of being reported follow these simple rules:

  • Only play in discrete locations
  • Never play when you can be observed from homes, schools, clubs, pubs etc.
  • Play after dusk when families have returned home.
  • Never play where children may see you.
  • Make sure that any car park or lay-by is hidden from the road.
  • Make sure that the people around you are all over 18.
  • Never approach vehicles that show no signs of activity.
  • Be aware of vehicles that have people watching but who never join in - they could be undercover police, council inspectors or more probably gutter press reporters.
  • Make sure you leave the play area clean and tidy and undamaged. People leaving used condoms, tissues and wipes etc. are the main reason people complain to the council and police and lead to an increase in the number of inspections, park closures and security lighting.