Dogging Positions

Dogging Positions

This page was originally written in 2004 by a girlfriend of mine called Kay.

Exhibitionist couples who are into dogging usually perform inside their cars. Working in a limited space can be challenging. Here's a guide to some standard and more creative sex positions both in and out of the car. All should rev up your engines, but your mileage may vary. Take care not to break out any windows or bust the suspension of the Car.

In the car

  • Classic: The classic normal front seat (passenger) male on top feet on floor and female on top feet on dashboard
  • Straddle: male in the passenger seat female astride him
  • Backseat Mambo: Missionary position but this time across the back seats female on the bottom depending on the car as in spreading leg means she may have to place one foot on the floor as well as him.
  • Back to Front: The woman gets astride the front seats and backs her bum and presses in into the space between the seats. She can support herself on the seats or the dash. The male is in the back of the car and enters her from behind "Doggy style"
  • Up and At 'Em: Women lays flat in the back of the car. He kneels between her legs and pulls her pelvis up toward his. The female can use her legs to pump her pelvis in this position. Depending on the car alternatively she can wrap her legs around his shoulders.
  • Reverse Buckaroo: The man places himself in the middle of the back seats, The women mounts him facing towards the windscreen leaning forward between the front seats. The woman can grasp the front seats to get leverage in this position. The man can also sit with his legs straight out between the front seats with the woman straddling his lap, although this is more awkward.

On the Car

  • On the Hood:  The woman lies back on the bonnet of the car and scoots her bottom towards the edge. She can rest her feet on the bumper. The man stands in front between her legs and leans on the bonnet as he fucks her.
  • Wraparound: Pretty much like above except this time she is sat in the upright position on the bonnet she wraps her legs around the males waist area and supports herself with her arms then leans back.
  • Wheelbarrow. The women lays face down on the bonnet the male takes her legs and supports the whilst shagging her from behind again in "doggy style"
  • The Bridge. The women lays back on the bonnet of the car, the male takes her legs and spreads them around his shoulders, as she leans tilting her pelvis he supports her lower back with his hands.
  • Over the Top. If your really thinking of putting on a show then she mounts the bonnet on all fours with her rear end facing the front of the car then he mounts the bonnet as does her "Doggy style" but caution watch out for those windscreens as they have been known to break!!   :)

Positions for Oral

  • Left to Right. The basic front seat blowjob. The woman leans across and sucks the man.
  • Front and Centre. The man kneels straddling the front seats with his cock sticking through the space between the seats. The woman sits in back and blows him.
  • 69. Both partners are in the backseat, the woman laying across the seat with legs open and the man on all fours over her in the 69 position.
  • Open Door. With the door open, either the man or woman sits in the car seat facing outward while their partner kneels outside the car and goes down on them.